Daddy, Please Come Back


This artist describes the details of parental divorce for the character in this creative artwork.  A few details of the background story for this character: “When Rikuto was 10, his father divorced and left and he didn’t know why.  Without his dad around,  he felt helpless. He would cry himself to sleep in his room at night, asking himself why would his father leave if he loved both him and his mother so dearly? The week after, his dad filed a divorce and picked up passports, packed his bags and left to move to the U.S. with his band. Without even saying goodbye while Rikuto slept peacefully in his room.”

Sadly, emotions experienced during the divorce linger as indicated with this scenario.  Understandably, there are feelings of  abandonment for the parent who offered protection.  Divorce is difficult for everyone.

Deviant Art daddy__please_come_back____by_artsystarwolvez84-d9v55zj



#410, Daddy, Please Come Back

Deviant Art: Daddy, please come back by ArtsystarwolveZ84

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