Typical Divorce?


This seems to personify DIVORCE in one pic!   This is an ad used by an attorney!  So, we have the dad one one side of the mountain and the mom and children on the other.  The oldest child is leaning into and nestled into mom indicating he is aligned with her.  Clearly, the dad has no access to the family.  No one is smiling.  In fact, the looks on the mom and children’s faces seems to portray a ‘What do you want’ look.  THIS IS the reality of divorce for too many parents (in this case the father).

The most bewildering aspect of this is that a legal professional is using this to solicit business!!!!!  Does this mean that they ‘understand’ divorce?  Do they have the ability, knowledge and skill to represent a father who has lost his family?  Interesting questions!

Overall, this is a disgusting (and dare we say accurate?)  representation of divorce!!! 

Typical Divorce?


#346, Typical Divorce?

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