The Family Heart


An artists’ interpretation of divorce.  

The artists comments: “There is a boy. He’s holding the family’s heart. He’s been holding it since he was born. But, a few years later, the heart got a crack in it. The boy became scared and he tried to mend the heart, but that didn’t help him. The heart would continue to crack, until one day, it was severed in two. It fell out of the boy’s hands, and shattered into a million pieces.”

This art piece was created YEARS AFTER the divorce.  The feelings and emotions are clearly portrayed. THIS is the reality of divorce!  

Instead of focusing on playing with his toys and spending times with friends, this child is focused on the heart of his family-that is shattered. Seemingly, the divorce is a part of his daily thoughts, as an adult- at least enough to create this drawing.

Divoce is between the parents-About the child!!!! 

Deviant Art The Family Art divorce____by_rxavier20000-d33sqgx


Deviant Art, Divorce by RXavier 20000

#344, The Family Heart

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