One father shares the humiliation he experienced due to false accusations by his ex.  This is the reality for many fathers (and some mothers).  Fathers’ lives are RUINED because of  the lies and games played and the lack of support within the Family Court  system.  

This speaks to the need for Family Court reform.  

Looking back over the past 3 years I can see that I was in a deep state of depression.  I  was ashamed because of the lies and accusations made by my ex.  I was ashamed because I was unable to protect my children from my wife who had ‘mental health problems.

I was falsely accused and labeled as an abuser.  I lost my job.  I had to move into my parents home.  I was labeled as a trouble maker in my county’s courthouse. The self-help division of family court even refused to help me.  The pain and shame I experienced will NEVER leave me.

I am unable to hold my head up high.  I can not live a normal life because of what my ex did.

The pain and shame will stay with me forever!


#340, Ashamed