This individual takes a different approach in writing about divorce.  Counting the number of letters and using the dictionary to write a poem about describing divorce.  An interesting way to express yourself.

Divorce. A two-syllable word… Seven letters that, arranged any differently, could mean nothing. But this word? Oh man, does it mean something. It’s separation… perversion, pain, anxiety, hatred, darkness, confusion… It’s so many bad things in one. Four of the letters in “divorce” can spell out void.

Void. One syllable. Four letters… Four innocent letters that, when combined, strike terror into hearts and minds.

Terror. Two syllables. Six letters. Another word for horror.

Horror. Also two syllables. Also six letters. A synonym for terror. Both are terrible. Both confuse whoever is feeling it.

Confusion. Three syllables. Nine letters. Confusion… Such a well-known word in our society. Everyone lives in confusion.

Everyone. Three syllables. Eight letters… Pertains to every living human, animal, and creature  on this Earth. Pertains to everyone… Where am I in that?

Lost. One syllable… Four letters. Being in a foreign region, without hope.

Hope. One syllable. Four letters. An element that my life has none of. Hopeless means nothing to dream of or live for.

Nothing. Two syllables. Seven letters. Nothing is the opposite of everything. Everything brings us back to everyone. Everyone excludes me. I am hopeless. I am lost. I am confused. I am horrified, terrified. Slipping into the void. Which brings us back to this…

[Whispered] My parents are divorcing.

Divorce, by Crimson Creek

#337, D-I-V-O-R-C-E

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