Sadness of the American Family


A very revealing pic of divorce!  The Dopamine Clinic shown TWO times! Dad is on the phone-is he working or ignoring his family?  Is that REALLY the quintessential message of the American father?  Mom is interacting with the child, smiling.  Child looks out with no smile-representing???? The two green creatures with arms crossed in the upper left corner are curious.   On the left side, upside down is a piece of pleading paper (used in legal proceedings…  upside down may represent how divorce turns lives upside down?  The overall fragmentation and collage of pics and jewelry-the brooch.  

The ever-present, shattered glass! 

“This image was created by the artist to depict the inevitable sadness that accompanies the splintering of the modern family in American life.”

Artwork Sadness of the Amer F m


Divorce Proceedings by Dele Akerajah

#299, Sadness of the American Family

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