Look at Me!


So, the Family Court is front and center.  In color and large in comparison to the ‘family’ that the court is to help. The most compelling part is the child at the edge of the pic waving-like he/she is saying ‘look at me’, ‘hey, I am over here’.  Is that the way some divorces seem? Should not the child be at the forefront of a pic of divorce?  Front and center, larger than everything and everyone else?  

A revealing pic of the Family Court system and the role of the family.  

Look at mefamily_law_attorney_rancho_cucamonga_by_prainitolaw-d95m8rd


Artwork by Prainitolaw.  Link to artwork: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Family-Law-Attorney-Rancho-Cucamonga-553631449

#292, Look at Me!

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