The Family Portrait that Never Was

A common theme of divorce is wanting to be a family again.  This artist illustrates this point beautifully in her artwork.  The artists comments: “The reason as to why I picked the title, “The Family Portrait that never was” is that, my parents have been divorced for 17 years and havent had a family picture together since I was 5 or 6 years old (honestly I cringe at the title grammar. Is there a better way to word it?).

Anyway, this is my 27th birthday present to myself. An appreciation of my family/parents for what/who they are, and loving them anyway…even if they are not tied by marriage via paper.”  How sad.  Sometimes, accepting a parents divorce is a difficult task to master.  Perhaps creating this family portrait will help her with her parents divorce from many years ago.

Deviant Art Family that never was m


Deviant Art.  The Family Portrait that Never was by Delight046

Link to artwork:

#284,   The Family Portrait that Never Was

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