Game Changer


This parent shares the heartache of her divorce.  She recognizes that her daughters life has been altered-and not for the best.  Divorce changes things-for everyone.  A child is subjected to the decisions of the parents.  Their life is totally uprooted.  Their sense of security is threatened.  Undoubtedly, divorce changes the outcome of what may have been.

Divorce is a game changer.  After battling in family court for over 12 years  I can say that this has changed my daughter.  There is a big wall around her.  She is guarded and has never returned to the innocent, happy go-lucky child she was before the divorce. Everyday I struggle to understand her.  I know that she struggles each day as well.  Trying to make sense of what happened to her happy family and her sense of safety.


#283, Game Changer