Leaping Sheep


A creative expression of divorce from one artist.  This seems to be a collage of emotions showing many unique themes.  

The girl peering out from behind a wall.   She has one eye.  Does this represent something she has seen and does not want to see again?  Or does this mean that no one is really looking at her? 

There is the year 09?  A year of significance for her? The year her parents’ divorced?’

The words ‘ok’ so may signify the question of what will happen next?

The black creature wearing a cowboy hat is somewhat curious.  

The sheep leaping over the fence may indicate something with sleeping?  

The black V sideways indicates anxiety.

Deviant Art Sheep dlchild_of_divorce_by_doctorballs


Deviant Art, Child of Divorce by DoctorBalls.

Link to artwork: http://www.deviantart.com/art/CHILD-OF-DIVORCE-30732023

#279, Leaping Sheep

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