Age of Shared Parenting


This parent shares the objective of shared parenting!  And, the reality of shared parenting!  The saddest part of parents NOT working together is the impact on the child!  A child is ‘forced’ to live their life without one parent.  Just because the parents cannot work together.  Shameful!!!!

Again:  Two parents are in the best interest of the child!  Divorce is between the parents-ABOUT THE CHILD!!!!!   LOVE WINS!!!


We live in a time of a shared parenting world.  Yet, for many children, shared parenting is denied.  I know.  I am divorced.  My kids are divorced from me.

Children of divorce are separated from their parents because the parents are in dispute over living arrangements.  Laws and social policy guidelines are outdated.  The ‘system’ put in place to act in the best interest of the child  damages the parent child relationship.  The ‘system’ destroys the child’s choice to communicate with both parents.   When a parent is removed from the child’s life on a daily basis the child becomes the victim.  We need to do something.  The relationship with my 2 children is destroyed. Knowing that my kids will learn the truth in 10 years offers little comfort.  For now, I am missing out on the moments of their lives.  School days, sport practices, and friends after school.  Breakfast and dinner together are ….gone.  Going to church as a family……gone.  Living my life with joy……..gone.  The unfair courts have ruined my life.  If you are thinking about divorce-don’t do it.  Do what you can to stay together.  Staying in a bad marriage is better than  a divorce.


#272, Age of Shared Parenting

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