How Divorce Works


One father shares the joy and heartache of spending time with his son.  Sadly, he has limited custody.   He cherishes each moment he can parent his child!   Family time is overshadowed by the limited hours he is allotted each month.  This speaks to the importance of Shared Custody.  How can a parent establish an emotional bond, teach what a child needs to learn, and instill a sense of  responsibility in their child and LOVE their child in a few hours each month.   The presumption of 50/50 custody is in the best interest of the child!


This is how it works.

When you finally do the get chance to spend time with your child, you are so worked up and well-rested from the sometimes two weeks without contact (I’m lucky I only have to go 8 days), that you cannot sleep when they are with you.

You feel ready to go to sleep, you feel tired, but when you actually lie down to go to bed you can’t help but get up and walk by their room, or perhaps, even go in and sit with them while they sleep. You don’t want to miss a moment of time because it is so precious.


#262, How Divorce Works 


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