A Really Hard Day


Parents rearranging schedules to keep one parent from seeing their child is hurtful to the child and to the parent being excluded.  Here is one experience outlining the hurt and devastation.  One would wonder if this mom considered the emotional pain this could (and did) cause their son.  

If one parent is trying to ‘win’…then the child is losing out at some level.

Divorce is between the parents-ABOUT THE CHILD!

LOVE WINS!!!    LOVE WINS!!!     LOVE WINS!!!    LOVE WINS!!!     



Today was my boyfriends day to have his kids from 3(after school) until 6 PM, court order I mind you. The mother of the children took it in her own power to demand that today she is picking up the kids saying my boyfriend gave her the right to, which is untrue. We went and spoke with the summer teachers and daycare and they were saying how his son was asking continuously throughout the day if his daddy was picking him up and if it was 3 yet…the kids are always looking forward to his days picking them up. She did as she said she was and got them against court order and we went to the police and showed up at her house. We saw her drive by and the cops called her and they were so awesome and polite and just asked for her to come back so we can a figure this thing out. She refused and from what I heard was completely disrespectful to the cops. We had his court orders in hand at the time which didn’t really do much…I get that the cops can only do so much and I appreciate any efforts that they make…but what gets me is, the ex took time away from my boyfriend from his kids, she took time away from her own kids that look forward to time with their father…neither of them will ever have that time again, it was taken…even the courts can’t replace the 3 hours that my boyfriend should have gotten with his kids today. The courts are so unfair, even bringing this to court, really, what is it going to do so my boyfriend can have his kids in his life and not just be a bystander?!?!? So frustrated, angry and broken…today was a really hard day…


The Fathers’ Rights Movement, July 29, 2015.

Link to FB page for The Fathers’ Rights Movement: https://www.facebook.com/Fathers4kids?ref=ts&fref=ts

#259, A Really Hard Day

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