Victims of PAS


The reality of PAS if the impact on the child!  How true these statements are.  Shared Parenting is for the child!  Parents have an obligation to see that their child have what they need in life in order to develop into a happy and healthy individual.  Shared Parenting offers the child the best of both worlds…..which is both parents!


PAS is now quite common.  Numerous support forums have been established because of PAS.  PAS is real!  There are thousands of heart-wrenching calls and letters from parents whose children have been taught to fear or hate them. Both mothers and fathers can be perpetrators of Parental Alienation, but the true victims are always the children.  Please don’t make your child a victim of PAS.  Parent your child.  Share Parenting with your ex.  Think to put the child first.  PAS means you are putting the hatred you have for your ex BEFORE the Love you have for your child!.  Love your child MORE than you hate your ex.


# 255, Victims of PAS

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