My Parents’ Divorce


One parent uses his parents divorce as a motivator to be a strong  husband and father.  Everyone has their motivators!  He was able to put his life together following the devastation of parental divorce.


My parents got divorced as I was entering high school. I generally say it hit my younger brother the hardest. I think that’s just because his reaction was more outward. My dad is on wife #3. Hopefully, she’s the final one.

My mom didn’t remarry. She viewed it as her keeping her vow, since my dad wasn’t dead. Thankfully, she found comfort in Jesus and didn’t bring another man into the home.

I became a statistic on many levels…heavy drug use and recklessness. Finally, after a trip to rock bottom, I found myself back in school and working overtime to prove that I wasn’t a failure. I’m married now with a family of my own, and I work and stress myself out trying not being the father and husband my dad was. Sometimes, the stress can get overwhelming, but if I can just do these 2 things right, I will look back on my life and smile.




#244, My Parents’ Divorce


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