Before You Divorce…


The impact of divorce for the child is HUGE!   Here is a message from one parent to anyone thinking about divorce!

Note: Anyone thinking about divorce-please read the entries on this site (and other websites). Messages from moms, dads, children and outsiders…..this reveals the true impact of divorce.


To anyone thinking about divorce,

PLEASE PLEASE read up on divorce and your child!  Find out how your child will change when you divorce!

Divorce changes EVERYTHING!  Divorce will CHANGE your child!!!!!  Your child will NEVER be the same.  AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY!  There will always be a hole in their heart!  They will always wonder about who else may leave them or betray them.  If you are in an unhappy marriage STAY if you can.  You may have a few years of unhappiness. But if you can spare your child the trauma of divorce, STAY MARRIED.  Of course, if there is abuse this may not work.  BUT, think about your child first!  There are many books and websites on how divorce changes your child’s life.  Read these BEFORE choosing divorce.

I wishy my parents did!!!


#236, Before You Divorce…


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