This is Shared Parenting!


Parenting together is in the best interest of the child! See how these parents work WITH each other regarding legal matters.  In Shared parenting, EVERYONE wins!   Well……accept for legal council.


Since my ex- and I share custody, follow court orders, and follow Friend of the Court procedures, we don’t needlessly waste money on attorneys and court costs. That money goes into our child’s college fund, extra-curricular activities, and vacations.

I wish all parents were smart enough and mature enough to do the same! It’s sad when one parent has it together and the other parent is vindictive, abuses the children, violates court orders, and forces an innocent parent to spend money on an attorney and going to court to hold the irresponsible parent accountable. It takes so much away from what’s available for the children and is just another type of abuse by unfit parents.


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#231, This is Shared Parenting!