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One parent shares the emotional aspect of divorce.  She expresses concern about dating and replacing a parent with a new partner.  This parent acknowledges the pain of divorce through personal experience with her parents divorce and her need for comfort during the difficult time.  


Most parents don’t realize what their children go through when their parents decided to divorce.  They have no idea how much turmoil this causes.  Parents are too involved in themselves to pay attention to their children and to see how their children really are doing.  Parents become self-absorbed and lose sight of the important things.  Looking for a new partner, trying to find happiness and thinking the child is better off with a ‘new parent’.

From personal experience, I know what children feel like when their parents divorce.  I know that me and my siblings needed comfort.  We felt abandoned, became troubled and hateful people.  We needed comfort.  Instead we did things to get their attention.  Got in trouble at school and with the neighbors kids.

Please do not marry unless you are positive of your new partner.  For goodness sake-do not have children unless you are sure of who you are with.  Parents should do everything to make the marriage work.  Do what you can before putting your children through the ordeal of divorce.  Bottom line is that once you have children they should always come first.

I know, my parents divorced when I was young.  I will not put my children through what my parents did.


228, Personal Experience

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