Shared Parenting!


An inspirational story about two parents working together for the benefit of their child!  This dad talks about why shared parenting is essential.  Treasuring the small moments makes each and every-single-second together more special.  This dad eloquently summarizes his experience with shared parenting.  


Being a separated parent has allowed me to realize a lot of things. I don’t get my daughter everyday and I don’t get to do all the things normal dad’s get to do. Some might feel like I try to go over the top in some of the things I do or blow a bunch of hot air about being a dad.

But in reality, it’s just me learning one simple skill that many can’t master. Never take things for granted. I’ve learned every moment with my daughter is extra special. My time is limited. So, what might seem like one of those normal simple moments in life are extra super special moments in mine. Tonight while watching the fireworks, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. The world for me stopped spinning, doubts about my impending court battle disappeared, money wasn’t a concern, and everything I love dear was beside me and in my arms. 

I suppose my point is that I hate being a separated parent. I want my beautiful little girl 100% of the time. But, being apart even if it was only 50% of the time has blessed me with the knowledge and ability to take every moment we are together more serious. And without sounding condescending…not a single second is taken for granted and every kiss or I Love You means 1000x more than what it would mean to a normal parent.


#216, Shared Parenting!

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