Divorce is Murder


The artists shares “the title is more rough. but it’s just the reality. i’ve seen way too many ppl get hurt and suffer their own or their parents’ divorce (and all that the junk it pulls along with it). heck, it’s become a ‘normal’ thing and you can see it everywhere, everyday. it’s wrong. you’d think ppl would realize that. and i don’t accept lame excuses. it’s cowardly, to think you can outrun your ‘problems’ like that. marriage is a promise, and you can’t back out on that. not with any legal stuff… i’m lucky to see my parents have a great marriage and still living together. however my friends aren’t. i really feel bad for any one having to go through all that. it’s become one of those secret fears you hope you never have to experience.”

Well said!


Deviant art divorce is murder m


Deviant Art: Divorce is Murder by mi2x

Link to artwork: http://www.deviantart.com/art/divorce-is-murder-199212461

#213, Divorce is Murder


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