Happy Mom


This unique portrayal of divorce illustrates the emotional aspect of divorce for some parents..  This divorce seems simple in that the dad wants everything  except the children.  Mom is clearly happy with this offer. 

Note: Understandably, in view of the emotional and legal trauma of PAS,  this would be a dream scenario.  The other parent pays $10.00 for the rest of their life (no alimony or child support) and takes everything.  Everything except the children.  

Note:  This is a representation of divorce from one artist.  This is no way supports one parent taking everything or designating the children to one parent.  Nor does this support one gender parent over the other parent.  This is only a depiction of divorce from this artists’ perspective.


Deviant Art happy mom m


Deviant Art, by MrNintMan.

Link to artwork: http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Lady-the-Lover-and-the-Burns-The-End-375515599

# 197, Happy Mom

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