This is co-parenting!!!  Co-parenting can work!  

Father shared this post: “Both parents able to be there for them and then so sad for my other two sons who are not allowed a smooth ,easy, loving life.sigh….anyway here is some co-parenting done right on mothers day this year actually.”

Mothers response: “This is my post with just a part of a conversation between my sons father and I. We have good communication as we try to still raise him together but separate of course. We both choose to be fair, I’ve always pushed that they have a relationship. I lost my father at a young age and gained an amazing step dad who has raised me as his own so I know how important dads are first hand and how loosing one affects you for life. I sure don’t want to be one of those golden uterus moms because I know I’m no vigin Mary it took two of us to make a child and now its up to two families to raise him. Just because we didn’t work out doesn’t mean our child should suffer from it and drama. I hope it continues to be this way because it just works well. And yes he pays child support of $50.00 a month, no medical or insurance but if he can help with sports or want school photos then he gives money for those but I don’t take him for more than that and don’t make it about money. My fiances ex and mother to my two step children, well she’s the complete opposite of me..hence why I’m now even more for fathers rights.”


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