What Divorce Does


Excellent question!   We now know the devastation that divorce causes in a  child’s life.  Research is consistent: children of divorce are more likely to experience difficulty in school, have problems in social relationships, experience mental health problems and are more likely to engage in delinquent behaviors.


My parents have stayed married but I saw marriages of my friends’ parents collapsing all around when I was in high school. I saw what it did to my friends. It is so depressing to have seen the children of those divorces go on to their own divorces and stepfamilies. I keep thinking, “The parents of the ’80s didn’t really think they were hurting their children so much. But my generation KNOWS what divorce does to children; how can we do that to our own children!”



Comment to Turned Out All Right?, by JH, July 29, 2013.

Link to article: http://www.marriage-ecosystem.org/turned-out-all-right.html

#179, What Divorce Does

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