God’s Goodness


This wife and mother talk about her parent’s divorce, the blessing, and the difficulty of divorce.  Parents staying together until the children are older is sometimes an option. She reveals the goodness of God and how God is the foundation for the success of her marriage. (Comments to Turned Out All Right? (post #177, posted June 16, 2015)


My parents divorced when I was a freshman in college. I remember my Dad saying to me that he was going to leave when my younger brother went to college. He waited to leave until we were older. I am sad that my parents marriage did not last, but in looking back, I am glad that they stayed together for as long as they did, and especially when we were younger.

I have now been blessed to be married for 21 years. I am grateful to God for my husband, and I know that we are still married because of having God and Jesus in our lives. Marriage is a blessing, but at times is also difficult. I don’t know how marriages that do not have God as a foundation make it.



Comment to Turned Out All Right?, by JH, July 29, 2013.

Link to article: http://www.marriage-ecosystem.org/turned-out-all-right.html

#178, God’s Goodness

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