Most Parents Do Not Realize…


Divorce is a tumultuous event for everyone in the family.  An adult child of divorce sends a message to parents on the impact of divorce on the child.   


Most parents don’t realize what they put their children through when they get a divorce and separate. They don’t realize how much it troubles a young child’s mind, especially because as a result of the divorce, parents are usually too involved with themselves to realize anything’s wrong with their children. They become self-absorbed and lose track of what’s really important, seeking to find another mate as fast as possible, no matter whether it be for personal happiness or believing the child needs a replacement parent. Most parents, at least from what I’ve heard and experienced, don’t notice that their child is troubled and needs comfort. The child feels abandoned, becomes hateful, guilty, depressed, any plethora of emotions could result and in seeking attention, the child lashes out, often times in ways that ultimately hurts their self.

People shouldn’t marry unless their positive of their chosen partner. They especially shouldn’t have children unless they’re confident about the person they’re with and the life they are making. There is enough suffering in the world that such a simple thing should be easy enough to avoid. It’s a matter of faith and trust in one’s significant other and their life together. Children shouldn’t be made to suffer because of parents’ mistakes. Parents, if at any point they feel like their relationship is failing, they should do everything in their power to work it out before putting their children through such an ordeal. When two people have a child, that child should always come first.


#166, Most Parents Do Not Realize

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