Even After the Divorce


Amazing concept!  

This campaign was created in 2010 in Warsaw,  Poland.  What a creative way to reach parents.   

Campaign info:

A social campaign ‘Even after the divorce I need you both’  began 1thJanuary in Multikino and Silver Screen cinemas. It has been initiatedby Fundacja Akcja and is carried out by Platige Image studio.

The main character of the commercial prepared by Rafał Wojtunik is asmall boy missing his absent father. This image is supposed tosensitize parents undergoing a marital crisis to the fact that in suchdifficult times their child needs both of them. The campaign is part ofthe foundation’s actions aiming at popularizing sharing childcare afterthe divorce.

As part of the campaign, the spot will be shown regularly (9 000 times) from 1 January until 18 February in cinemas.

Producer: Platige Image; Marta Staniszewska, Marcin Kobylecki
Executive Producer: Tomasz Baginski

Director: Rafal Wojtunik

Story: Krzysztof Slazinski, Robert Kucharski
Music: Marcin Przybylowicz
Sound mix: Genetix Studio

3d Team:
animatik & animation: Andrzej Zawada
secondary animation: Daria Zawada
concept art: Rafal Wojtunik
models: Rafal Kidzinski
textures: Pawel Lewandowski, Michal Gryn
rendering, composition and concept art: Rafal Wojtunik
poster artwork: Jakub Jablonski, Rafal Wojtunik


Even after the divorce m




Link to project in Warsaw, Poland.


#148, Even After the Divorce

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