“let’s illegalize divorce”


The artist describes the reason for creating this stamp to illegalize  divorce.

Deviant art illegalize divorce stamp larger m

“If they want to protect marriage, what they should do is ban divorce. Make marriage like the mafia: once you’re in, you’re in. I mean, the murder rate would go up, but you know, hey…”

– Wanda Sykes

.It has recently come to my attention that the sanctity of marriage is being violated by the horrendous practice known as “divorce”, so I created this stamp to show that I do not support said horrendous practice and wish for it to be banned as soon as possible.



As shared on Deviant Art, “Stamp-Ilegalize Divorce”, by Emiliers.

Note: comments by artist are provided in part.  To read her commentary in full go to ‘link to artwork’.

Note:  pic was enlarged to enhance viewing and to better see the details of this creative art piece.

Link to artwork:


#128, “let’s illegalize divorce”


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