Split In His Heart


This artist creates a collage to represent feelings of divorce for her male subject.  

The artist states:  My feelings on divorce. A collage made digitally, with paper, paint, and thread. Mom and dad are forever split in his heart. Choose a side.

This art piece contains many emotional elements of divorce.  The page is split down the center and slightly deviates at the bottom right.  

The tears are prominent.  Large tear on the left has more dimension and is bigger than the tears on the right side.

A picture of parents sitting together (holding hands?) in the center of her mind outlined with a white background that looks torn or departed from the mind.

A heart on the heart is  very sad given the rest of the art piece.  

The thread leading from the emotional heart seems to drift and morphs into a person (herself?) that is detached?

An excellent portrayal of how divorce impacts the mind of the child.  Totally split in his heart!  Pick a side!

Heart-wrenching to see this depiction of divorce!


Deviant art spit heart m

Deviant Art, Divorce by TheIncredibleSarah.
Link to picture: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Divorce-89092705
#126, Split In His Heart
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