Keep Fighting


A message of encouragement to parents in the midst of PAS.


Amber Dawn

I just wanted to post on your wall, and hope that your friends and everybody else see’s this. Parental alienation is a serious matter, it’s so unfortunate that so many fathers have to be alienated from their children, and speaking from experience (being an alienated child) I know the pain, and the severity of the situation. It is unjust, and cruel, and no one should have to live without their parent/child because of someone else who is selfish by nature, and feels the need to subjugate their children because of their own negative emotions, that they cannot separate from the situation, and see just how vast the damage is, that is being done. Not only does the alienated parent have to get up everyday without their child, children are also suffering, and we all know the facts about what happens when a child feels as though one parent doesn’t want them (which sadly happens a lot of times because they cannot fathom why their father isn’t in their lives, especially young ones who cannot see the truth)

Though, I want every single father to know who is reading this, who has a child that is separated from them. No matter what kind of hostility that is being instilled in their minds, no matter how they even react to a situation, their hearts beat a different tune. They may be influenced vastly by the parent that is alienating them, but their hearts speak a different story – they still love you, they still care, and because of the harrowing situation they don’;t understand. They are being manipulated and despite what their minds are telling them, what they are being taught – they can never eradicate the love they have in their hearts for you. Speaking from experience, they miss you, they love you, and they are being taught to hate, to be hostile – this is not who they are deep down. No matter what, don’t stop fighting, because there are happy endings. You cannot manipulate somebody forever, eventually they will see the truth, and it will come back and bite the one doing the manipulation. Just know that love is the strongest bond there is, and no amount of alienation is going to destroy it. Even if their love is intangible and hard to detect or reach, it is there. Never stop fighting, and never stop believing that in each and every one of your children’s hearts, you are there.

I am so sorry to each and every one of you going through this situation. I wish you all the very best, and just know, keep fighting.

“Keep fighting – even if it breaks your heart.”



As shared on The Fathers Rights Movement, May 26, 2015.

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