The Issues are Legion


Sharing the holidays are a common problem in divorce.  This adult child of divorce explains the two perils of divorce for her.  


There are too many sufferings in my life to list. Two things I would say are: Divorce and one remarriage ruined every holiday family gathering for me because parents or siblings pressured me to attend. I can’t be in two places at the same time, and parents would be angry or saddened because they knew I was with their ex-spouse. Also visiting for a few hours and driving off to another household every holiday is exhausting for me and my family.

Another thing I would say is that step-siblings are not my siblings, and a stepmother is definitely of no relation to me, so don’t demand a Mother’s Day gift!

I wish my entire family would let me live in peace WITHOUT them. Divorce ends a family unit. When my parents got divorced, I should have also been released from my famlial obligations.

The plus side of divorce? I wasn’t sad when one parent died because it removed that holiday stress. When the next parent dies, I will be sad, but then I will finally get to enjoy holidays with my husband.



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#121, The Issues are Legion

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