Who Wins in Alienation?


This mother shares the reality of divorce in that the child has TWO parents.  She outlines the devastation of alienation on the the child’s development and offers advice for parents going through a divorce!


Children deserve the love and support of both parents.What I find quite funny as a parent (mother) who works with her ex to make sure that her child is loved, supported and so that my child never knows the feeling of not having both of us around, is this……..

Most alienators I know, go for the throat. They want pay back, control, they want to bleed the other parent financially dry. They don’t want the other parent to have a voice, to have any time with their child/children and they make it their goal to belittle, bad-mouth and tear down the character of the alienated parent.

So let me ask this, if I was bitter at my ex, if I wanted to prove a point, if I wanted to raise our child by myself and not let my ex have any relationship at all with ‘our’ child, why on earth would I try so hard to keep the ex in my life? Why on earth would I want his money? Why on earth would I constantly go him for financial help or go after property, material things and the constant battle of court?

Doesn’t make sense.

If an alienator was really smart, firstly they wouldn’t do what they do on a daily basis that constantly hurts many, and they certainly wouldn’t cry poor or accept any help from an ex they hate or feel is unfit right? The constant belittling, the constant using their children as weapons, unhealthy right? The one thing constant in their lives is their hate of themselves and their continued support in hating the ex (the alienated) How on earth does this make sense?

Alienators are WEAK – Period.



#113, Who Wins in Alienation?

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