The Pain of PAS


The effects of PAS are felt every single second!  Of every single hour!   Of every single day!  There is no escape from the emotional turmoil!  The wretched toll on the soul permeates every aspect of the parents life.

This father perfectly expresses the profound impact of PAS on the alienated parent. 


I don’t dream peacefully during this turmoil time.

I don’t smile gracefully, suit these tensed moments.

I feel no warmth when the sunlight touches my brow.

I want peace, because I’ve had a lifetime of war.

I want cuddles and kisses, tantrums and tears.

I want to pack lunch boxes and to do school runs.

When you know what’s best for your child and your being stopped, due to ones gain.

I know you look on this page often.


You are not welcome!



Fathers That Care, March 28, 2015

#115, The Pain of PAS


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