Think About the Children


An important message to parents who are divorced.  Children need the love of both families!  A reminder to think about the children, for the sake of the children.  


Just because parent’s fall out of love, don’t alienate the children from the parent that is not in the same home, it takes a village to raise a child, so let them have the love of both families, as if you alienate them from one side of the family, you are cheating them out of love and life skills they can learn from both sides of the families. Their are too many children out there that can’t speak for themselves, as they don’t want to upset the parent they live with, yet I bet they cry themselves to sleep when your not looking, they are also fearful of showing affection towards the alienated parent for fear of repercussion. It is a dangerous game to play, and to poison their minds against the other parent is just unforgivable. A house can become a home when agendas are set aside for the sake of the children. Trust me, more often than not, the person doing the alienating will pay big time once the child grows and finds out you used them as a pawn to get back at your ex. So think about the children, and not your own agenda to hurt your ex with the children you both brought into the world.



Shared by Faun Witten on March 2, 2015.

# 106, Think About the Children

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