Emotions of a Loving Daddy


One father sends a message to his co-parent.  He  shares the heartbreak of trying to have a relationship with his son!  And, the frustration with the family court.  


I want to prepare my child for the future, but I’m limited. I’m subjected to mind games and humiliation due to ones beliefs. I’m looked upon as a risk and danger, that lacks capacity to raise a child. I’m seen as an aggressive monster that puts his own interest first. All these court orders have been put on me, like I’m an prisoner. When I’m alone I sit and cry, with such heart ache. No parent should be treated in such manner unless they are a danger. After wiping tears and taking a deep breath, it all makes sense. The more contact I have with my child the more he will say I miss you daddy, I love you daddy, when can I see you daddy, can I live with you daddy. You as the mother of my child shouldn’t be a alarmed by these words, be happy, why? Because it’s what our child wants. Be happy because I’m no father who makes babies and runs, be happy because I support you as far as my restrictions allow me to. The question I ask my self at the end of my tears, do you support me?



As shared on Fathers That Care, May 18, 2015.

#108, Emotions of a Loving Daddy!

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