Divorce is Generational


Divorcing can impact your child’s marriage too.  This parent shares the reality of divorce.  In essence, one set of problems is traded for another.  

Caroline on the show “Little House on the Prairie” explains this best:  “If you were to trade your basket of problems with someone else, by the end of the day you would want your own basket back.”  


Divorce has been a generational problem in my family. My grandparents, parents and myself all divorced. The latest casualty in this sad story is my daughter, who is also divorced now. My daughter and I tell people, you only trade one set of problems for another, when friends or family consider getting a divorce. In my case, it is very hard for me to trust and have decided to remain single. More time and energy should be spent in knowing and understanding what marriage really means.

Also, one should take the time to really know who the person is that you are marrying. Sounds like common sense but, common sense is not very common these days.


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#102, Divorce is Generational

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