Fathers’ Heartbreak


This father shares the perils of divorce and the influence the co-parent has on his daughter.   He discusses how values and morals impact the co-parent relationship and ultimately, the child.  Sadly, his attempts to maintain a relationship with his daughter have been unsuccessful.


I was informed that my now 18 year old daugher refers to me as a “sperm donor” despite the fact that I was in her life until the age of 9 living with her mother, and for years I continued to try and be in her life, and being a positive influence. Divorce though dredges up a lot of negative feelings and comments that aren’t mutually exclusive to either parent.

That said, many of the comments coming out of her now “adult” mouth are a reflection of her mother’s continued verbal attacks, while my daugher denounces any criticism of her mother. Can you see the hypocrisy? It’s ok for her mother to say whatever she wants about me, but anything remotely critical I may say, even if warranted, is off limits. The implication is, her mother is perfect, beyond reproach as it would seem she is also. It’s that kind of arrogance many of us are fighting as it’s that kind of arrogance that ties into men not being allowed to parent because women are commonly portrayed as the more important parent. 

Problem is, people have different values and morals. When couples divorce, there are going to be fights over moral issues and values as an extension of both people’s moral code. Why the majority of people don’t or can’t acknowledge that reality is astounding to me as a person of reasonable intellect.




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