Why I Hate Divorce


The journey of divorce changes everyone and everything.  The most compelling comment in this writing is by far “I hate to see kids worry about their parents when they should be  developing childhood stories and memories.”  This is the  sadness of divorce! The child, oftentimes, is nudged in the direction of dealing with the adult issues of divorce.


once heard Darren Hardy of Success magazine speak. He said, “that in order to find your message, you need to know what you hate.”

men after divorce

I hate, really deeply and to my core hate to see real men of integrity go through the journey of divorce and behave badly, in a way not consistent with their character.

I hate the way the people around us behave as we take the journey of divorce. I hate the rumors. I hate the taking sides and slanderous talk. I hate the bad advice. I hate the way kids are damaged. I hate the way kids are used as pawns. I hate the way kids are used as property. I hate to see kids worry about their parents when they should be developing childhood stories and memories.

I hate the typical legal battles that are all about winning in terms of assets and property. I hate it when successful guys fight over something like paying for private school, or college,or clothes, or whatever. If they planned on paying before divorce, why would they not pay after divorce?

I hate to see real men demasculinized by the process and by the humbling nature of something that seems like such a failure. It is the “what’s wrong with me” syndrome.

I hate to see real men looking and feeling lost.

I hate the way men that truly love women start hating women. I hate it when love is transformed into hate.

I hate the question, “so why did you get divorced?” as if there was a simple answer. The answer goes very deep into our being, and is only superficially explained with one of the so-called “top ten reasons for divorce”




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