A Fathers’ Fear


A father expresses concerns about how things will change when his son begins school.  His comments about spending quality time with his son are heartwarming and resonate with many parents.

I don’t live with my child full time and this doesn’t leave me fearful, that he will love me any less then his mother. What leaves me fearful is when he starts school, i will become an every other weekend daddy. 12 days which is 288 hours without contact doesn’t justify myself having an influence on his education at all. Apparently the courts say time during the week with a parent isn’t quality time. So you mean feeding, bathing and reading bed time stories isn’t classed as quality time. Try going into your child’s empty room, or looking at his car seat every time you drive. Then you understand what true quality time is. All it takes is for a mother to say, yes you can have him during the week and that’s access granted. So as a man and father am i classed as an equal?




Shared by Tremaine Walter, Fathers That Care FB page, on March 12, 2015.

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#77, A Fathers’ Fear


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