Being Pulled In Two


This is an excellent portrayal of divorce for some children.  Sadly, this represents the profound impact divorce can have on the child.  

This drawing reveals several key points.  This child is being pulled in two directions by a VERY thick rope indicating they are being pulled by two strong forces (each parent) . Each door is a different color representing the two homes.  Both doors opens to a vast darkness indicating an aura of sadness and the (scary ?) unknown.  The feet are firmly planted on the floor by an external item indicating determination and efforts to stay where they are.  The facial expression, the mouth,  eyes closed and tears streaming down indicate intense emotions.  In summary, this pic is a heart wrenching representation of divorce.

Child pic pulled between doors

Divorce:  A Journey Through The Kids’ Eyes

This movie features emotional statements, testimonies and art by kids describing their emotional experiences before and after their parents divorce.

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