A Mother’s Heartache


One mother shares her despair in hearing her daughter say “we have a new mommy now.”


I recall years ago going to my daughters birthday party. I was ‘allowed’ to come in and was directed to the seating area near the door. As my oldest daughter is opening her gift my younger daughter says “We have a new mommy now. We don’t want you to come here anymore.” I am not sure what happened next because I was dazed. The room was spinning. I sat there stunned. I was unable to speak. My sweet children did not know that the divorce was not my idea. I loved being a mother and taking care of my family I did not want to go through each day without seeing my children. Instead, the daily nightmare I was living dragged into weeks, then months, that resulted in years of not seeing my children.


My girls showed up one day-years later. They found me and I was thrilled. I am forever haunted by the discouraging words said by my youngest daughter and the feeling of total despair.

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