Heart Led Astray


One mother shares the heartache of experiencing PAS with her husband’s co-parent and how she found peace in her heart and her story of learning to forgive.  


The next two years became an uphill battle for us.  Having to watch everything we did because every couple of months she would get upset about something and cut all contact off for a month at a time. Eventually increasing to two months, and finally two full years.

After these family meetings we would soak up every minute with our daughter. Even if we had to deal with random drop ins after her boyfriend got home from work. He missed the baby all day. He wants to spend an hour with her. Then we’d get a phone call that typically came at the end of that hour explaining how she fell asleep or wasn’t feeling good. Our visit was over. We learned to treasure each moment with her.

We caught one last glimpse of what we had left on our visit home for Christmas.   Eleven solid months in, of us finally getting along. The first and last “family” Christmas we had together.  After the New Year she pulled away from us. Her boyfriend erasing us from their life.  Erasing the memory of us from our daughter.  Pulling both of them into a life of drugs and solitude.   Changing phone numbers and moving to keep us away.  Hiding our little girl’s face anytime they’d run into our friends and family.  Keeping to themselves.

Despite seeing the hurt all over his face when we finally reunite with our little girl and we hear her say “I already have a daddy.”

My heart sees beyond the anger, betrayal, and alienation it has faced. To the heart of someone who was led astray.


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