Questions from one father

A father asks questions about being excluded from his daughters’ life.

The answer to each question is a resounding NO!



I just want my baby girl back.

I was there when she was born.

I was there changing diapers and feeding her, getting up in the middle of the night with her to let her mom sleep.

I taught her to ride a bike, to tie her shoes, to climb trees.

I took her to her first day of school, I volunteered in her classes, I cooked her dinner, picked out clothes, washed those clothes and taught her how to fold them.

I did homework with her, read stories to her, ticked her in each night and kissed her good night.

We sold lemonade together on the street corner and I sold Girl Scout cookies with her on the side walk at the store.

I took her to gymnastics, and to soccer and watched all her games.

I combed her her hair, we did our nails together and watched movies together over and over and over.

Her mother and I have separated. I went from a stay home dad and her primary re model to a visitor who requires supervised visitation?

Now it’s in her best interest that I’m no longer around? Because her mother and I separated?

Now, I suddenly only get 4 days a month with my baby and my every move and spoken word to her needs to be monitored, recorded, reviewed and critiqued?

I am only a father so I am disposable?

Only required if and when the mother deems I am needed?

I can’t sleep at night, I can’t function during the day, what is she thinking? That I don’t live her or care about her anymore?

That her daddy has abandoned her?

I can’t keep paying for these supervised visits.

Am I to just fade away and disappear?

I just want my baby girl back.

The Fathers’ Rights Movement FB posted 2-10-15
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