Disheartened-20 years later


My confession is that I stayed away from my son because dealing with my ex was torturous. When I called the home phone-this is before everyone had a cell phone-she answered-every time! She made rude and condescending comments to me.   Each call turned into an argument. To make matters worse she said our son was not home regardless of when I called.

After a few months I called less and less because talking to my ex was that disheartening.   I now regret not calling my son more or staying in contact with him. My son lost out. Now, calling his cell phone would solve the problem but the divorce occurred 20 years ago.   I have a good relationship with my son now but I know he suffered while he was in high school.  This haunts me EVERY day.  I wonder how things would have been had I stayed in his life.